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Grapeland Safari Rules

Upon entering the park you will be required to sign documentation that implies that you agree to the following rules while on the premises of Grapeland Safari.

These rules include but are not limited to:

  1. Following all instructions given by Safari staff and employees.
  2. All participants must stay in their vehicles at all times. If you need assistance, please call the park office at 936-687-5292.
  3. NO TRAILERS are allowed. You’re welcome to disconnect in our yard.
  4. DO NOT drive recklessly.
  5. DO NOT speed. Drive Slowly. Max speed is 5MPH.
  6. DO NOT drive around the pond or on the pond dam.
  7. DO NOT open doors or back hatches while driving through Grapeland Safari. All doors and back hatches should remain closed for the duration of your drive through experience.
  8. DO NOT hang your body out of the windows or sunroof of your vehicle.
  9. DO NOT bring a Jeep without doors and/or top. Jeeps must have doors and tops attached.
  10. DO NOT ride in the back of a pickup while on Grapeland Safari property.
  11. DO NOT have loose items in the back of pickups.
  12. DO NOT feed the animals until your 50’ across the cattle guard.
  13. DO NOT feed animals directly from your hands.
  14. DO NOT pet the animals or grab their horns.
  15. DO NOT roll your window up if an animal sticks its head inside your window. Simply drive away.
  16. DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages while on the premises of Grapeland Safari.
  17. Failure to comply with any rules of the park stated herein or otherwise posted, or the directions of staff or employees of Grapeland Drive Thru Safari will result in ejection from the Park without refund.

***All rules will be enforced at all times. Anyone who is caught violating these rules will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.****